Top 5 Reasons You're Unhappy and Stressed Out


Top 5 Reasons You're Unhappy and Stressed Out
Figure out how to turn that frown of yours upside down here.

The sooner you realize there may never be enough time and money, the better off you will be. Enjoy the moment you are in and stop worrying about an hour, a day, a week from now. You really do need to stop and smell the roses. If you are always worrying about what comes next, you run the risk of missing out in the here and now.

The simple solution: Focus on this moment, this second, savour the good times with family and friends. If living in the moment is not something that comes easily to you -- no worries. You can learn. Take a yoga class, learn how to meditate, or simply commit yourself to staying into moment in no time at all you will be getting the most out of every moment of your life which in turn will affirm what it feels like to live your life instead of letting it simply pass you by.



Just like Dorothy realized that she always had the ability to get back home other own, you posses the power to overcome the stress and unhappiness you are experiencing. You hold the key to you own happiness. The door is right in front of you, stop stressing, worrying and complaining. Go ahead and take your fate into your own hands. You are the master of your own universe. You are that smart, savvy woman everyone talks about.

What de-stressing, happiness-flooding techniques work best for you?

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