3 Things You Must Do To Live A Joyful Life


3 Things You Must Do To Live A Joyful Life
3 steps that will lead you to a joyful and passion-filled life! Find your passion and live it!

If painting makes you feel happy and alive, allowing you to eliminate stress in your body, keep your mood from diving into depressed and adds color to your world, YOU HAVE to make the time to regularly put brush to canvas.

We often overlook these essential things in our lives because they seem frivolous. If you have time to paint, you probably have time to do something more productive. But if you don't make that time to do something that LIGHTS YOU UP, you will be stressed out, off balance and far less productive on a long-term basis than if you just took 5 minutes to yourself each day.


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If your life feels overwhelming, start small. Free write for 5 minutes each day. Paint something, ANYTHING, for 15 minutes every day. Jog once around the block every morning. Bake something one day each week.

Before you know it, you'll feel the benefits of these little spurts and will find yourself giving more and more time to the things that you love. This is GOOD. The more time you're able to give to these things, the happier you'll feel. You'll be more productive, more loving, stress free and fulfilled in your life.

Find five minutes in your day and make it a priority.

And remember, go with the flow!

You may start out focused on writing every day, but if (and when) you find yourself drawn to something new and unexpected, just go with the flow. Your spirit is initially drawn to what it needs to thrive so that it can carry you on the path you're meant to take. Go with the flow.

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