Thigh Gap: A Disturbing Trend Among Teen Girls


Thigh Gap: A Disturbing Trend Among Teen Girls
Talking to your teens about eating disorders

I am concerned that our girls should be focusing on the things of childhood and the teenage years including having fun, developing meaningful friendships, passions and hobbies instead of sadly focusing on the space between their thighs. To me, as a mother and a clinical psychologist, this focus on the space between the thighs also seems to have a sexual flavor. As parents, we not only should, but we must talk to our daughters about this new trend and how it is at odds with the development of good and healthy self-esteem. And that is what we all want for our teen daughters, right?



Please talk to your daughters about this new trend and share your thoughts and listen to theirs. As we know a little talk can go a long way.

Has your daughter ever mentioned thigh gap?


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