Ten Things Learned in 2011 that Brought Peace and Balance


Ten Things Learned in 2011 that Brought Peace and Balance
10 things learned in 2011 that can all carry over into 2012. Now THOSE are gifts for the new year!

By Gina Amaro Rudan for GalTime.com

1. Balance is a myth.


I hate the word balance! Embrace the truth that balance is unattainable and, in fact, shouldn't even be your objective. Acknowledge that you're not supposed to have evenly balanced scales when it comes to work and life when you are living out your genius on all frequencies. Yes, smile as I liberate you from this balance myth. Instead of holding on to guilt as your genius scales tilt back and forth between work and play, let go of the notion that you have to find balance-break the damn scale if you want to!
Remember that you're not looking for a balanced life at all; you're looking for a fully, deeply integrated life where what you do equals what you love, whether in work, play, or within your relationships.

2. Every day can be Saturday.

No one should be curating your day-to-day life but you. This year my husband and I set out to design every day as a Saturday and the mental paradigm shift alone helped us make better daily decisions aligned with what we really "wanted" to do instead of what we thought we "had" to do. Design each working, living, playful day as a Sat and you will be surprised how much more fulfillment you will gain from each day instead of just one in seven. Yes, this means you get to replace the tasks you hate with the work you love. And yes, this means you get to play, innovate, create, and dream every day before you do anything else. Try turning a Tuesday into a Saturday and you'll see what I mean!

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3. Break your own rules.

Sometimes we have to break the rules to get shit done our way. For example, this year I wanted to be first-time author, entrepreneur, mother, and wife all at once and decided to do just that by taking on all those roles simultaneously within all environments and experiences. Ultimately, this meant I had to break a few of my own rules. For example, I brought my son to client meetings and I brought clients to family functions, purposefully living my values alongside my professional aspirations. And you know what? It was a little risky and felt strange at first, but it also felt very true and authentic. If you want to live your genius out loud, sometimes you gotta break the rules.

4. Talk to strangers.

We used to be a society who talked to one another and now we are a society who walks around with our heads bent over our smart phones. Next time you catch yourself doing that, look up, smile, and introduce yourself to a complete stranger. I speak to at least one person on every flight I take and the stories I hear, the lessons I learn, and the exchanges I have are priceless. Now, I'll admit I'm a master at detecting genius wherever I am, but I believe all of us can benefit abundantly by just picking up our heads from time to time and engaging eye-to-eye with others. So put down that phone, tune in to the frequencies around you, and identify choice moments to connect in real time with people. Gifts come in many forms when you are open to receiving them, which can be as simple as saying hello to a stranger.

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