Taking Your Food on Vacation


Taking Your Food on Vacation
With a little creativity, your taste buds can take you to the other side of the world.
  • Try chopping the ingredients of any salad and serving inside a wrap or pita.  Limit dressing to minimize sogginess and save calories

  • Change and mix your greens from day-to-day as well as within a salad


  • Chopped fresh fruit adds a refreshing crunch; for example, a chopped apple adds 4 grams of fiber and a refreshing sensory experience

  • Include a starch in the salad or on the side to help increase your sense of satiety and fullness; choose whole grain when available

  • Use a small amount of a sharp cheese for a big flavor contribution

  • Add different destination style spices to basic oil and vinegar to create regional flavor profiles

  • As with travel, the numbers of possible food destinations are endless.  Be adventurous and take your appetizers, entrees and desserts on a global food spin too!

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