5 Tips On Surviving Pregnancy In The Dog Days Of Summer


5 Tips On Surviving Pregnancy In The Dog Days Of Summer
Don't let the blistering heat and pregnancy drag you down this summer.

5. Be Cool
Stay chill by staying in an air-conditioned house or office during hottest days. If you can’t make it to the beach or the pool, take a cool shower whenever possible. The movies are another great place to stay cool and distract you from any pregnancy aches and pains. Dr. Jaque suggests carrying, "A body spray with a refreshing scent like citrus or eucalyptus. Apply a cold, damp cloth to the back of the neck to help keep you cool when you start feeling warm."

It's all about getting relief where you can so you can enjoy the summer and your pregnancy while staying safe.


What's your number one tip for keeping it cool?

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