Summer Foods that Will Help Shrink Your Waistline


Summer Foods that Will Help Shrink Your Waistline
This summer, dropping lbs is easier than you thought!
By Erin Palinski for GalTime
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Summer is finally here and you know what that means- warmer weather, outdoor barbeques, and of course revealing bathing suits!

But before you start to panic about bearing all in your bikini, let’s take a look at the summer foods that can actually help you to slim down.
That’s right! Some delicious summer food can actually help you shed pounds and shrink your waistline, so you’ll look fantastic in your bathing suit before your next pool party!


Make a summer salad and top it with sliced pears or blend them in a smoothie. According to Roberta Jenero, RD, Founder of Figure Facts, LLC, this refreshing fruit may promote weight loss. “A 12 week Brazilian study (also) showed overweight women who ate 3 small pears or apples a day lost more weight that those eating oat cookies instead."

As nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH, owner of Essential Nutrition For You points out, “Pears are known to suppress your appetite simply because of the fiber content.” And the less hungry you are, the smaller portions you will eat, helping to promote weight loss." 

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A summer staple, this tangy fruit can help burn fat and whittle away your middle. “There is a phytochemical, monoterpene limonene, and flavenoids in grapefruit that helps reduce insulin levels making it easier to mobilize stored body fat,” states Jenero.

Grapefruit also contains diuretic properties helping you shed unwanted water weight, which can bloat your waistline.

Susan Greeley, M.S., R.D, author of Cooking With Trader Joe's Cookbook "Lighten Up!" recommends this delicious fruit as a great way to shed pounds throughout the summer. “The high water content makes it one of the best low-calorie fruits to fill up on. It curbs your craving for refined sugars and is my best recommendation for people who are volume eaters because it's a great way to fill up without overdoing it.”

Watermelon is also rich in the amino acid arginine, which studies have shown to promote fat loss and increase muscle mass.

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