4 Steps To Escape Your Sexual Comfort Zone


4 Steps To Escape Your Sexual Comfort Zone [EXPERT]
Why not bring a little '50 Shades' into YOUR bedroom?

4. Love yourself. This can mean many different things, but basically, take care of yourself and appreciate the fabulous woman that you are. One trick to building more confidence and to being more comfortable in your own skin is to wear sexy lingerie outside of the bedroom.

Zuhairah Scott Washington, the founder of Kahnoodle, a mobile app that helps couples keep their relationships fresh and exciting, suggests wearing lingerie under your regular clothes. After going to work and doing your usual day activities with a sexy bra and panty set, you will be ready to strip down and show it off when the sun sets. /node/150688


Washington reminds us, "He loves you for you, but he also loves you even more when you love you." Order something or stop by the mall tonight on your way home. You'll be surprised at the power a leopard print panty or lacy bra will hold after keeping it a secret all day.

So what is it about Fifty Shades that has us reconsidering what happens in the bedroom? Darren Michaels sheds light on this phenomenon: "Some of the appeal of the Fifty Shades books are the fact that she trusts Christian implicitly, and turns herself over to him completely. Many women will follow if the right person is leading the way ..."

Stepping out of your sexual comfort zone does not have to be scary; just take some steps that you are comfortable with and enjoy new experiences.

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