Stay-At-Home Versus Work: Why Not Do Both?


Stay-At-Home Versus Work: Why Not Do Both?
The days of having to choose between full-time parenting and a career are a thing of the past!

Make a career out of mommy-ing. You already spend a lot of time around your kids, so why not make them the subject of your career life too? Consider starting a blog about your family life and building a following through social media outlets. If your traffic increases enough, you can approach advertisers for banner ad space or implement an easy pay-per-click system like Google AdWords. Some bloggers even allow guest posts from paying customers that want to promote a particular product or company. Many parenting magazines also accept freelance submissions and pay upon publication. You can normally find guidelines right on the websites of these magazines, along with how long it takes to receive a response. You could also consider writing a book based on your experiences as a mom and focus on what is unique to your family situation. With an established blog following, sales of self-published books and e-books have the potential to bring in earnings for moms who take the time to write them.



Women who work from home know that there are pros and cons to the “perk” of being home. While kids will always take priority, there is no reason why a job and home life cannot coexist and WAHMs are proving this fact one success at a time.

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