Stay-At-Home Versus Work: Why Not Do Both?


Stay-At-Home Versus Work: Why Not Do Both?
The days of having to choose between full-time parenting and a career are a thing of the past!

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How to become a work-at-home mom


The days of having to choose between full-time parenting and a full-time career are a thing of the past. Communication technology has evolved to the point that having to decide between going back to work and abandoning career aspirations are quickly dying out. Even jobs that traditionally called for in-person participation are being replaced by remote options. There are online teachers, cyber nurses and customer service representatives in a variety of industries that answer phones in pajamas and slippers.

For moms that need, or simply want, to keep working while managing their brood at home, the time has never been better to incorporate the best of both worlds. Here are few ways to blend the role of working mom with stay-at-home mom, and become part of the growing number of WAHMs (work-at-home moms) across the globe.


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How to Be a WAHM (Work at Home Mom)

Ask for flexibility at your current job. Some occupations simply require full-time, in-person participation to work. The majority of jobs, however, likely offer some leeway when it comes to what can be done from a computer anywhere. Even jobs with telephone responsibilities can be done in a quiet spot at home. If you love the place where you work and do not want to give up the job security, asking for at least some hours from home is a great place to start. Moms make great employees and most places would rather accommodate them than lose them. When you approach your manager, have a schedule proposal handy, along with a list of what responsibilities you would do from home, and which ones would still take place during usual office hours. A specific request has a better chance of approval.

Start your own business. The Center for Women’s Business Research reports that 10.1 million businesses in the U.S. are owned by women. Of course not all of these company owners work from home, but with how rapidly technology is evolving, it stands to reason that the number who do is going to rise. What’s more, the mentality surrounding working from home has changed to favor the worker in recent years. Working from home used to be something that business owners, especially moms, felt they needed to hide. Today, working from home is viewed as smart, savvy and admirable. There is less financial consistency as a small business owner, but the flexibility, creativity and unlimited earning potential perks are valuable in and of themselves – especially with little ones underfoot. Follow these easy 10 tips to start your own business today.


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