Slash Summertime Costs with Frugal Home Projects


Slash Summertime Costs with Frugal Home Projects
It's so easy to cut costs this summer! Avoid the scary sight of large bills with a few adjustments.

4. Give your oven a summer vacation. ‘Tis the season for grilling my friends! Give your house a break from your oven’s intense heat, and enjoy the many fabulous perks of outdoor grilling. Meats, fish, vegetables can all be cooked for pennies with a small grill outside. Best of all, your hard-working indoor air conditioning won’t have to combat indoor cooking heat to bring the house back to comfortable temperatures. It’s a total no-brainer.  I’ve even heard from people who boil pots of water on their grill to cook pasta and frying pans to do scrambled eggs. Bravo!

Above all else, enjoy the summertime. If it’s anything like last year, it’s going to fly by.  See you at the pool. I’ll be the sitting on a sun-dried towel eating a grilled hotdog. Frugal On!

How do you save $ in the summertime? Share your tips in the comments.

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