Sister Rivalry: Teaching Them How to Get Along


Sister Rivalry: Teaching Them How to Get Along
Sisters disagree all the time. Figure out how to fix some arguments here!

2. Work with your girls to establish specific rules and boundaries with corresponding consequences. If your daughters share a room, for example, it is helpful to figure out a way to define each sibling’s own space. If your daughters are prone to take each other’s clothes or accessories, ask them to establish consequences for doing so without asking.



3. Insist on family meals. Research repeatedly reflects the value of eating together as a family. Although varying daily schedules may make this task a challenge, even sharing a few meals over the weekend is better than none at all. Family meals enhance communication and keep family members in tune with each other.


4. As your older daughter becomes more autonomous and independent, your younger daughter may benefit from and even crave more alone time with you. Make time to devote to your younger daughter. Although she may really miss time with her sis, a little alone time with you will make her feel special.

The bond between sisters is indeed a special one. Although right now it may seem like your daughters have drifted apart, with a little time and encouragement, they will once again appreciate each other’s assets. Although you might not be able to put away your whistle just yet, in time their continental divide will naturally come together.

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