The Simplest Tip To Save Your Relationship


The Simplest Tip To Save Your Relationship
Every relationship goes through a rough patch or two. Here's the tip you should know.

I know because I did it. It happened to me. After one too many “rumors” and inappropriate glances to other chicks, I couldn’t take it anymore. Why was my guy paying so much attention to every hot chick he saw?! After two years, we ended up ending it. A few months later, when we could both be honest without fear of repercussions, I asked him why the roving eye. He said that I stopped trying. I didn’t make him feel sexy or wanted. I didn’t flirt with him and give him naughty glances and say sexy things under my breath. He became… normal to me- like putting on socks with my running shoes. Just something you do. It wasn’t exciting anymore. This is the same guy who I found breathtakingly sexy and couldn’t keep my eyes, hands, skin, or mouth off of when we first met.

But remember the first time you put those brand new running shoes on and what a total thrill it was? Same thing… kind of. Like getting all of that coveted china for your wedding, then never using it. Like putting your treasured diamond necklace in a safety deposit box for safe keeping. Why have it if you don’t use it. Any night, day, even breakfast can be a special occasion- if you make it one. I know… sexy lingerie isn’t as comfortable as cotton panties. Well having a lackluster relationship is worse. Believe me. It’s time to try…





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