Signs He's The Right Guy To Be Your Valentines Date


Signs He's The Right Guy To Be Your Valentines Date
Valentine's Day is around the corner... Do you have your eye on someone special?

You have a blast together
Whether you enjoy a romantic dinner, ice skating or seeing a play, your Valentine's Day celebration is only going to be awesome if your date is someone you have fun with when you're out (or stay in). Dinner at the hottest restaurant in town is good, but a date who makes you laugh will elevate your chocolate mousse from tasty to downright dreamy.

When it comes to a big holiday like Valentine's Day, fun is definitely the "it" factor that will take an ordinary date over the top. Choose someone who is relaxed, positive and who makes you laugh.



If you find that none of your prospects fit this dating criteria right now, ditch the date idea and plan an evening doing something you love. Don't worry, Valentine's Day will come again next year.


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