Signs He's The Right Guy To Be Your Valentines Date


Signs He's The Right Guy To Be Your Valentines Date
Valentine's Day is around the corner... Do you have your eye on someone special?

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Valentine's Day is like the New Year's Eve of Love. There's all this pressure to have an amazing evening, maybe even the date of a lifetime.  But before you get all caught up in the hype, it's important to consider who you're going to spend the holiday with this year.

Scrambling for a date could make Cupid's favorite day worse than it would be if you spent it alone, watching a "Bachelorette" marathon. So instead of just settling for just anyone's company, set yourself up for success by spending Valentine's Day with the right guy.

Here are some signs he's the right guy to be your Valentine's date.


You get butterflies just thinking about himYes, that reference rings middle-school bells, but thankfully, butterflies don't disappear once you become an adult. They're a great measuring stick when diagnosing your level of "like."



When it comes to spending Valentine's Day with someone, he should be someone you really like. First and foremost, because you want to enjoy it, but also because you don't want to spend such a big holiday with someone you're not truly interested in. It could be misleading and ultimately hurtful for your date. So make sure you're into him!


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He's kind to you
This sounds like a total no-brainer, but many of us have felt the whoosh of butterflies around a guy who doesn't even know we're in the room. In order to have a spectacular Valentine's Day celebration, it's important that he's equally as crazy about you.

Determine his level of "like" by the way he treats you. Does he call and text you often? Does he listen when you speak? Does he ask questions about you? Does he remember details about what you say? Does he hold doors for you? Does he make lots of eye contact with you?


Those are all signs that's he's into you.

If you're still not sure after answering those questions, flip them and ask yourself the following questions. Do you always have to contact him? Does he seems distracted when you talk? Does he only talk about himself? Do you find yourself trailing after him when you walk? Does he spend date time on his phone?


If someone disappoints you on a regular date, rest assured he will disappoint you on love's biggest night of the year too.


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