Should Sex Be Scheduled?


Should Sex Be Scheduled?
Does scheduling take away the fun and excitement from sex? Decide for yourself.

By SMF Marcus Osborne for

Him: “Honey, what’s on the calendar this week? Anything?”
Her: “Well, let’s see. Tuesday night – dinner with your family, Wednesday night – we’ve got our daughter’s junior high school play, Thursday night we’re supposed to have sex at nine-thirty.”


Even WRITING that feels weird. But apparently, this is one of the modern ways that couples are managing to hit their SOQ’s (Sex Occurrence Quotas) and in theory, it's keeping the couple sexually satiated. Does this method really work? I’m serious here: If you’re one of these couples who calendars their sex lives, I need to hear from you.

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I’ve heard about therapists prescribing scheduled sex for couples who are having difficulties with connecting intimately. And I guess I could understand forcing couples, who for whatever reason, have stopped exchanging “O-faces,” into a position (no pun intended) where they HAVE to have sex. They want to save the relationship and recapture the magic. I get that.

What I wonder is how can the couple completely enjoy that experience? I’m speaking in a general sense here. I can easily see where it could be kind of fun to schedule a monthly “kinky night.” Each month the pair would do a little something different to spice things up a bit in the sack. And I do see where knowing something is going down (again, no pun intended) on a certain date at a certain time might get a few folks salivating with anticipation.

But putting your sex life in the ol’ monthly planner? I don’t know if that’s legitimately sustainable over the long-term. And I’m wondering if this idea of sex dates is more appealing to one gender over another. I have zero proof of it, but my gut tells me that woman may be more amenable to this than men. But more than anything, the fact that a couple has to schedule booty calls with one another makes me wonder if it’s really worth the effort.

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You know when calendaring sex is really hot? When it’s with someone really new or when you know you’re trying something different or special during your next session. Otherwise, I say let the chips fall where they may. In a long-term relationship there are going to be times when you two are going at it all the time and other times where it’s fairly slow. But I tend to believe that over the course of a relationship, things even out where couples are reaching that 2-3 times a week average.

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