Should You Get an Online Divorce?


Should You Get an Online Divorce?
Break-ups, let alone divorce is just an easy matter. Doing it online can be an option. Read more.


Professional advice is very helpful when dealing with legal issues, but the advice from a mother who chose to do an online divorce is powerful. Jennifer, who is still dealing with the fallout from a failed online divorce says decisively:  "No online divorce!"


Jennifer chose this route four years ago and is now paying thousands of dollars for an attorney to get the divorce modified.



“When you go online, you don’t realize how much you don’t know about the law,” she says. “You think it will save you money and you pride yourself on being mature enough to not fight with your ex.”

The consequences were steep for Jennifer. She says she went years without getting the correct amount of child support or reimbursement for daycare. She also failed to claim her son on her taxes and went bankrupt while her ex acquired cars and a new house.

“You need an expert going through this process to protect you and your children in the future,” Jennifer urges. “It will save you a lot of money and headache going through the modifications as well.”




While there are many who believe online divorce is a bad idea, there has been success stories, according to Randy Finney, Founder and CEO of He started his company over 12 years ago and says hehas helped over 100,000 people divorce in an agreeable way.

“It’s as easy as making a deposit at the bank,”  Finney says.



After years of working as a divorce attorney himself and seeing frustrated couples coming in with paperwork that was incorrectly filled out, messy and who couldn’t afford an attorney, Finney started  The online divorce site guides you through correctly filling out paperwork using software that prints out a professional set of documents.

“We try to encourage people to get a divorce in an amicable way,” Finney explains. “Take the argument out of it.”



According to Finney and his experience, most of the money is spent at the pretrial meetings concerning temporary orders for child support, car and house payments, and other costs before the divorce case even starts. During this time is where the arguments start and carry through, costing everyone time and money.

“Online divorce is as easy as it seems. It’s effective and works,” says Finney.

Using an online divorce can save you time and money, seeing as the cost for using the site is equal to about one hour of divorce attorney fee. The software is easy to use with simple questions that can either be answered together as a couple, or in separate locations.

The average length of time to finalize depends on how complex your case is, but can range anywhere from half an hour to several hours to answer the questions, print the paperwork and file your divorce.



What do you think? Would you try the online route to end your union?

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