Should You Ask Him Out?


Should You Ask Him Out?
If you've been eyeing that handsome coworker, it's time to read this:

Look, dudes don’t always pick up on subtleties. So don’t be too subtle. He can’t read your mind. If he mentions a sushi restaurant bar just opened near him, you say, “I live for sushi. I could eat it every damn day.” (Only say this if it’s true, which, in my case, it is.) Or maybe you just tell him what you think: That he's almost too damn appealing to pass up. That'll send a message.

When you allow and encourage that attraction to take root and get his attention, you don’t have to worry about whether you should ask him out. Because you won’t have to.


And if he doesn't? Maybe he's not into it. Or not ballsy enough. Two good reasons to move on.

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