Should Women Carry Condoms?


Should Women Carry Condoms?

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Should You Carry Them in Your Purse?

Then comes the question of where to put them. Do you keep them in your bedside table, in your bathroom hidden in the back corner under the sink, in a cute little hand crocheted satchel under your bed? What if you’re not home when you’re in the mood to do the deed? Then what? Then do you depend on him to be responsible? In that “just in case” scenario, carry condoms in your purse! I know, you don’t want the, again, embarrassing scenario of the little guys accidentally slipping out of your purse for all to see. Instead, I carry them in a discreet little mirrored compact with a secret condom compartment appropriately called “just in case.” It’s my private life. No one else needs to know. But I do need to protect myself… just in case.

And besides, there are some definite benefits to carrying your own condoms:


1. You can choose to use the ribbed kind. Sure they’re a little more expensive, but they are designed to increase YOUR pleasure. Guys just feel the inside of the rubber so whether the outside has ribs or not,really not their concern.

2. You can be sure that the condoms are properly cared for, therefore maintaining their structural and protective integrity. You might not realize, but condoms do have expiration dates and they can get seriously damaged from braving the elements- like sitting in some dude’s hot car for too long, or
being stuck inside his wallet for a year.

3. You are instantly in the driver’s seat, which is honestly pretty damn sexy, even intimidating (which is a good thing).

So next time that you are in the throes of passion and your guys says, "I don’t have a condom… is that ok?” You can say, “Oh, don’t worry about it, I’ve got one -- just in case!"


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