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Should We Give Will and Kate's Baby-to-Be Holiday Gifts?


Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their pregnancy... Is it too soon to buy a gift?


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Even better? Rows of organic bamboo onesies monogrammed "HRH" that will patiently wait months and months to be covered in formula-scented puke and poopsplosions.

All of that would be a gift to me -- and surely millions of other consumer-driven, credit-strapped, Brit-crazy, watching Americans -- this holiday season. Don't you think the very least this fetus could do for its first public act of compassion is indulge us all the opportunity to shower the banana-sized babe with pre-birth holiday gifts? We can only hope.

If this child was being born into your less-than-royal family sometime next year, would there be gifts tagged for him/her under your household tree this season?


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