Boudoir Photography: Sexy Photos Starring You!


Boudoir Photography: Sexy Photos Starring You!
A kind of photography that instantly transforms you into a sexy maven!

SW: The line between sexy and “too sexy” is really a personal opinion. Our taste is no nudity unless requested. We like to think sexy is not correlated with revealing.

GT: What price range can people generally expect to pay?


SW: Anything from $150 to $1200 and beyond. You get what you pay for so keep that in mind. I would budget $600 for a proper boudoir shoot.

GT: Anything else to add?

SW: Go book a session! Every woman is hot and in the right hands can find their confidence in front of the lens. A client has never told me they regretted doing a boudoir shoot. It’s just getting over the jitters of getting in front of the camera.

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