Save the Date! Your Holiday Savings Calendar


Save the Date! Your Holiday Savings Calendar
Black Friday is fast arriving! Check up on these good tips on where and when to shop.
  • December 10th: Green Monday. Regarded as one of the biggest shopping days leading up to the holidays, retailers can’t resist advertising special sales to get you in the shopping mood. Why not take advantage? Green Monday deals can be found all over.
  • December 14th: Stamp and Ship Day. The post office in December is enough to send even the most relaxed person into a holiday tailspin! If you plan on sending holiday cards or presents, mailing them today will ensure they arrive to your loved ones in time for all the festivities. As an added bonus, mailing items today will help you avoid rush postal charges.
  • December 17th: Retailer Free Shipping Day. Since no one wants to pay for shipping, today is a great day to save a bundle on shipping fees if you prefer your packages to be signed, sealed and delivered. If your preferred retailer isn’t participating, be sure to check for “free shipping” codes and other ways to save on your holiday shopping!
  • December 23rd: National eGift Card Day. Procrastinate on a gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member? It may be too late to send a gift, but a $25 e-gift card is always preferred over a last minute ugly mitten and scarf set.
  • December 26th: Coupon Code Day. If Santa didn’t bring what you really wanted, don’t despair! Coupon codes are a great way to save on everything from toys and apparel to that new camera you’ve been dreaming about. Coupled with your holiday gift cards, coupon codes can help you secure big savings on the gifts that were really on your holiday wish list.

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