Running a Business With Your Spouse


Running a Business With Your Spouse
Tips on handling your work life separate from your married life!

4. Take date night just as seriously as a big client meeting: Even to this day, Phil and I try as hard as possible to have our own date night each week. When you're running your business, it's easy to move mountains to squeeze in a meeting with an important client. And we try to do the same for our own time, too.

5. Separating business and home life is important, but it's simply not always going to be possible.


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At times, Phil and I realize that the office is the only time we can discuss important issues free from interruption from the kids. Likewise, late at night might be the only time when we can discuss future plans for the company. Rather than fighting it, we accept the reality of the situation. And we also try to foster a work culture where our employees also feel comfortable attending to some personal matters in the office when necessary.

6. Show you care (even at work). My business card might read 'CEO,' but I still bring Phil his coffee or water each day. Yes, it might be a small gesture, but I like to think it shows I'm thinking of him.

Running a business with your spouse is not for every couple. But if you've been toying with the idea, don't let all the warnings and horror stories scare you off. For Phil and I, entrepreneurship has been an exhilarating roller coaster and we have no plans of stopping the ride any time soon. Love can truly make anything possible. And with a little flexibility and imagination, keeping a healthy balance as business owners and marital partners is more than possible!

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