The Real Deal With Summer Dating


The Real Deal With Summer Dating
It's that time of year again...but is it time for another summer fling?

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4. Fashion speaks louder than words.


Scorching July and August days seem to bring flocks of barely-clothed singles to beach parties and barbecues. After being tied down all winter hiding in layers of clothes, who wouldn’t want to show off their dedication at the gym? But with more people going out on to the single scene, competition can be tough, which is why Russo suggests proceeding with caution.

“Leaving something to the imagination is always sexy and should be followed… even in the summer,” Russo says. “Although the girl in the skimpiest bikini may get the attention for the night, the one who looks classy will get it for the long-term.”

Ladies, have you ever had a summer fling that developed into the full-blown, real-deal? Would you recommend it to other women? Don’t get shy on me… answer below!

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