The Real Deal With Summer Dating


The Real Deal With Summer Dating
It's that time of year again...but is it time for another summer fling?

By Lauren Bolf for

Summer 2013 is officially in full swing. Hot, long days combined with warm, flirtatious nights constitute the perfect recipe for a sultry summer romance….


Easier said than done, right?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we’re left with high expectations of summer love due to movies like The Notebook and Dear John …(thanks a lot Nicholas Sparks…)…and, of course Grease!

So, what exactly are the guidelines for finding a summer fling? Is it possible to turn a casual hook-up into a relationship? Lucky for us, we got some expert matchmakers to spill on the unwritten rules of warm-weather dating.

1. You may be ‘the one’, but probably not ‘the only one’.

After one (or two -- okay, maybe three) pretty Pink cocktails at your best friend’s wedding, you believe you have found your Prince Charming. You two totally hit it off and the sex was mind-blowing. But NYC-based Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach Rachel Russo forewarns that a girl should never assume a casual hookup will lead to a relationship…. especially in the summer.

“The likelihood of a casual fling can be higher because many people meet on vacations, hookup and realize a relationship wouldn’t work out of paradise due to distance, diverse lifestyles, etc.”

Sex, no matter how hot, does not equal love. But, if a casual hook-up is more up your alley, just make sure to check your feelings at the door.

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2. Summer time and the living’s easy…

As opposed to the cold-weather months, summer is a much more relaxing time to date. Celebrity Matchmaker Talia Goldstein reveals there are far fewer pressures for singles this season.

“Scary holidays like New Years and Valentine’s Day are long gone, so dating is much more relaxed. There are tons more activities going on in the summer that make it really easy to ask someone out, too.”

As scary as it might sound, summer is also the ideal season to ask a guy you just met to jet off on a weekend getaway, or even come as your date to an upcoming wedding.

“This time of year singles are in a great mood and don’t take dating too seriously,” Goldstein says.

3. Change your status to ‘Offline’.

One thing to keep in mind during the summer months is that online dating could become more difficult.

“Online daters may not only be less likely to receive messages, but they should expect a slower response time with people going away on vacations or hooking up with others,” Russo says.

It’s obvious where the men are: golf courses, boardwalks, pools, sporting events, beaches, etc. Stop hiding behind a computer screen and go outside to have some fun!

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