The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers


The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers
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Honestly, when I read that, I wanted to go back to my new mom self and smack some sense in to me; I was so busy trying to prove I was “too good” of a mom to use a pacifier with my kids that I may have actually endangered them. In my mind, the benefits of pacifier use clearly outweigh the risks, but if you are concerned, check out some tips from the APP on pacifier use:


• Pacifiers do not cause any medical or psychological problems.

• Never buy two-piece models that may come apart or tie a pacifier around a child’s neck.

• The best benefits from pacifier use are for infants up to age one; above that, talk to your pediatrician about weaning.

• If you are breastfeeding, always offer the breast first.

• Some doctors recommend establishing breastfeeding first before introducing the pacifier.

• If your baby doesn’t accept a pacifier at first, it is recommended to try again.

• Never coat a pacifier in anything sweet, like sugar or juice.

Pro…con…pro..con… where do you stand?

Did you use pacifiers for your kids? Would you? Will Princess Kate?

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