Parenting a Teen Shopaholic- How to Break the Cycle


Parenting a Teen Shopaholic- How to Break the Cycle
Who would have thought you could be the PARENT of a shopaholic? Figure out what to do here.

2.) Challenge her to address the problem with you. By teaming up together to battle your impulsive buying, you empower each other to address a very real issue.

3.) Create a realistic spending budget which includes room for some 'mad' money. The task of structuring spending will help your teen gain insight on her spending habits.


4) Limit spending acess-for example, cut up the credit cards, avoid outings at the mall, etc.

5) Look for other fulfilling ways to spend your time alone and your time together. Now you have a great opportunity to start a new hobby or investigate a new interest with your daughter. Try crafting or baking, learn how to knit or paint, take pictures, write stories, etc. The choices are infinite. When you do it with your daughter you create a bonding experience that will benefit both of you while remedying a penchant for purchasing that has gotten out of hand.

A day of shopping can be a fun time especially when you and your daughter do it together.

When your pleasure of purchasing turns into an obsessive compulsion however, it is time to take a step back and reassess the situation.  It can be a daunting experience to realize that your daughter's desire to shop till she drops may be an inherited trait.

By working together to create boundaries and pursue other interests you and your daughter will kick the habit in no time!

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