Online Dating Isn’t a Threat to Monogamy —It’s a Blessing


Online Dating Isn’t a Threat to Monogamy —It’s a Blessing

While everyone's freaking out about online dating killing love, rarely do we realize those options can work in reverse. Competition -- even the idea of it -- works in everyone's favor. The idea of options not only makes your partner hop to, but makes you bring it as well. Because throwing your relationship into park once you've "landed" him is a sure way to end the forward momentum. The whole "oh yeah where are you going to go" argument just doesn't hold water anymore.

People will always gravitate toward coupling -- and long-term coupling. Monogamy itself isn't dying -- but commitment for its own sake is. The idea that you'll only ever want one person is not true for most people (and that's being generous). So if having other options means you're able to leave something that isn't working anymore, then that alone is worth the price of posting a profile.



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