One Dad Discusses: A Guide to Disciplining Toddlers


One Dad Discusses: A Guide to Disciplining Toddlers
Read about this cool dad who has plenty of tips on how he raised his kids.

Discipline should change behavior over the long term. If it doesn’t, we need to look at how we’re disciplining. Am I doing something that teaches my children not to hit – or just to not do it when I’m around? Am I rewarding a bad behavior with attention or other payoffs? Am I performing the exact same actions I’m asking my children to avoid? If it seems you’re teaching your children only to change behavior when you’re around, then you need to examine your disciplining strategy.

Disciplining children is never fun, but it’s our duty as parents. We have a responsibility to equip our children to grow up to be well-behaved and, eventually, to become adults that will contribute to society. We all want our children to be courteous, respectful, and even well-liked. Discipline is the cornerstone to making that happen.


What discipline method works best for your toddler?

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