No More Nice Guys


No More Nice Guys
Are we attracted to naughty or nice?

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The Nice Guy: Says: Where would you like to go?
The Guy You Want: Says: Show up at this address at 8pm. Wear heels.

The Nice Guy: Calls before you have a chance to wonder if he will.
The Guy You Want: Calls only after I’m dying him to and hoping he does.

The Nice Guy: Wears his heart on his sleeve.
The Guy You Want: Makes you want to explore him.

The Nice Guy: When you’re with him, you’re content.
The Guy You Want: When you’re with him, you’re ravenous.

The Nice Guy: Is always available
The Guy You Want: May be available

The Nice Guy: Makes you smile
The Guy You Want: Makes you hot

The Nice Guy: Sex is comfy and cozy
The Guy You Want: Sex is thrilling and a little scary

The Nice Guy: He sees you as his strength
The Guy You Want: He sees you as his weakness

(Not sure who you are? Here's a tip: If you bitch and moan that girls don't like you when you try so hard to be...nice--well, there's your answer.)

My point is this: Women want a man who is direct and not afraid to be assertive. Too "nice" can often mean overly accommodating, can't make a decision without your input, and, well, a little bit feminine. He also likely does things wanting points for "being nice"--and that's just annoying. Don't be nice; be yourself.

By the way, I don't want guys to think I'm "nice," either (and I'm fairly certain they don't). And that's fine by me. I aspire to far more, and so should you.

So unless you want to commit sexual suicide, you'll drop the nice act--because nice doesn't make you noteworthy; it makes you, well, nice. Average. Fine. And I don't know anyone who's happy with being that. In fact, I think people who say they want that believe that's all they need or can handle. And to that I say you're dead wrong.

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