New Study: Tough Times for Working Moms


New Study: Tough Times for Working Moms
Avoid the tug-of-war feeling between success in the office and quality time at home with these tips

By Mary Schwager for GalTime

It’s always been challenging to be a mom who also works outside the home— but according to a new survey, things are getting even worse.

A national annual study of working moms by CareerBuilder yielded some shocking results.  A whopping one in four-- or  26 percent of women who had a child in the past three years did not take the full maternity leave allowed by their company. 

How much maternity leave are workers taking?

Competitive work environments and demanding positions may be causing more women to reduce their time off from work after delivery. While most working moms who’ve had a child in the last three years (44 percent) reported taking more than eight weeks of maternity leave, 12 percent said they took two weeks or less. Forty percent were off work for six weeks or less.

How much are working moms earnings compared to working dads?

Financial pressures are also playing a key role in how moms are managing time at work. Thirty-nine percent of working moms and 43 percent of working dads surveyed by CareerBuilder reported that they are the sole financial provider in their household.

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“As more moms assume the sole or primary breadwinner role in their households, they’re feeling increasingly torn between providing financial security for their families and having quality time at home,” said Hope Gurion, Chief Development Officer at CareerBuilder, and mother of two.

Working dads who are the sole breadwinner were almost twice as likely to earn $50,000 or more and were approximately three times as likely to earn six figures as working moms. Women were much more likely to earn less than $35,000 compared to men.

Earning less than $35,000

  • Working moms – 40 percent

  • Working dads – 21 percent

Earning $50,000 or more

  • Working moms – 33 percent

  • Working dads – 59 percent

Earning $100,000 or more

  • Working moms – 6 percent

  • Working dads – 17 percent

How much time do working moms get to spend with their families?

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