New Study: Couponing Can Save You $30 A Week!


New Study: Couponing Can Save You $30 A Week!
Couponing is something that can help you more than you think! Read on for more info!
  • More consumers are using mobile coupons and apps since last year, up over 100% from 2011;
  •   While all income groups significantly increased their usage of mobile coupons and apps, those in the less than $20,000 income level group tripled their response over last year;
  • 79% of respondents who are increasingly planning their shopping around circulars save up to $50 weekly;
  • 79% of respondents using more mobile coupons this year are saving up to $50 a week;
  • 82% of respondents who are using more online coupons this year are saving up to $50 a week; and
  • 88% of deal seekers are most likely to visit their favorite savings or deal websites at least weekly.

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What Coupons are in Demand the Most?


Grocery store coupons!  The survey found consumers are still most interested in finding coupons, codes and deals to use at the grocery store. That’s consistently remained the number one category, followed by dining out/restaurants and clothing coupons. Items that ranked lower in previous years are starting to rise from the recession, such as travel, a 29% increase over 2011 and services such as dry cleaners and hair salons – a 25% increase over 2011.

According to the RedPlum Purse String Study, 71% of respondents most often get their coupons and deals from the newspaper, followed by emails/coupon alerts, retail circulars, Internet searches and mail. Additionally, the percentage of consumers who most often use mobile phone text messages to get a deal doubled from 2011.

What are consumers doing with the money they saved?

For the third consecutive year, a majority of shoppers (60%) said they are using the savings for basic necessities, although that is down 16% from 2011. Paying down debt, which ranked No. 2 in 2011 and 2010 was significantly lower than the past two years with only 4% allocating their savings toward debt. Long-term savings (i.e. college/retirement) ranked second in 2012, accounting for 15% of respondents. Only 3% said they would use the money saved from couponing to splurge, down from 7% in 2011. Yet, respondents’ confidence over their family's financial situation has remained fairly static over the past three years with a slight upswing in 2012.

The 2012 RedPlum Purse String Study is based on insights from more than 9,100 respondents. The survey was conducted on from June 12 through July 11.

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