Need It 'All'? 3 Ways Women Can Redefine Expectations


Need It 'All'? 3 Ways Women Can Redefine Expectations

By Megan Totka, Chief Editor, for

For many women, the ultimate goal is finding balance between all of life’s important pieces and having it all. But what does “having it all” actually mean? Does it entail financial stability, a happy family, a powerful career, and a nice home? Or is it that magical sense of “balance” we hear so much about? Most likely your goal is a combination of all of these things.



The problem with the notion of having it all is that it ignores the obvious need for give and take. If everyone was able to have it all without any kind of sacrifice, there’d be no reason to write this post. The reality is that any goal worth achieving, such as being an entrepreneur, takes not only hard work and determination, but also smart choices. The equation is simple: something must be given up in order for something else to be gained.

So how can women make the most of their career potential and enjoy their lives to the fullest? Perhaps it’s time to redefine the expectations that women have for themselves and each other.


Accept Workplace Flexibility (Without Feeling Inferior)

Juggling the demands of career and family is undoubtedly challenging, which is why flexible work schedules can be a lifesaver. Although flexible schedules provide an ideal solution, they’re not always easy to come by. There are many pros and cons to working from home that businesses consider and while the technology exists for employees to perform almost any job without being tied to an office, not every employer considers flexible working arrangements to be a solution. Unfortunately too, many women feel less valuable asking for or accepting non-traditional schedules, especially if other people in their departments work on traditional terms.


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Sallie Krawcheck recently wrote about the need for women to view the workplace with the concept of flexibility without shame. She claims that rigidity in workplace scheduling represents the new “glass ceiling” because it keeps women, particularly mothers, from reaching their career potential. For employers to fully realize the potential of the female workforce, women have to request—and confidently accept—a flexible workload.

Take Time Away

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