My Friend’s Husband Hit On Me: Now What?


My Friend’s Husband Hit On Me: Now What?

There is always room for repair. This type of situation can leave both you and your friend feeling powerless. Once the air has cleared, take some time to talk. Keep in mind that your friend did not do anything to you, her spouse did. While her initial reaction may have hurt ask yourself what lengths you would go to protect your marriage and family.

There is no doubt that this is a difficult dilemma. It is important to keep it all in perspective. Situations such as this one can cause a lot of collateral damage. Regardless of the fall out, you must remind yourself that you did not do anything wrong. You did not make this mess despite the fact that you may feel as if it is your responsibility to clean it up.


Be sure to seek out the support you need to make it through this unfortunate turn of events. While you had no control over the incident, at least you can ensure that there is an acceptable outcome. True friends are hard to find. In the end, sometimes we come to learn valuable lessons about people when we are put through trying circumstances.


Has a friend's husband, partner or boyfriend ever hit on you? How did you handle it?


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