Moving Dead Bodies and Other Things We Do for Our Friends


Moving Dead Bodies and Other Things We Do for Our Friends
Read this humorous story about a friend you may even have yourself!

Me: Fine, but in that scenario you’d have to rough me up to make it look real.


MABF: Yeah, I could do that.


Me: I feel like you answered that so effortlessly, and yet, the rest of this pow-wow isn’t going the way I’d hoped.

MABF: Look, I wouldn’t rule the whole disposal thing out, I’d just have to know a little more.


Me: Is that your way of saying you’d be up for the conversation?

MABF: Would it go like this, “Hey, what did you get at Saks yesterday?  What are you making for dinner?  What should I do with the body in my kitchen?”


Me: Yes … but frankly, I wouldn’t care what you’re making for dinner.

MABF: Then sure, why not? Would you have extra bagels?


Me: Yep.

MABF: I’m in. So, what are you doing for breakfast, I’m hungry.

As it turns out, I do have an MABF -- a meticulous, crafty one, who’s willing to beat me up, if necessary. I’m so lucky!

Do YOU have an MABF? What crazy stuff have you done for her/him?


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