Men Taking Bride's Last Name Is Becoming More Common


Men Taking Bride's Last Name Is Becoming More Common
Sure they gave up their "man card", but they're surely as happy as any other married couple!

CEO Jake Wolff says they’ve helped about two thousand couples change their names since June 2011-- and 5 percent of those clients have been men. Out of that five percent about three percent of men take their wife’s last name and the remaining two percent create a hybrid or hyphenate their last name.

Jake says he’s seeing this trend increase. “Even though Q1 of 2012 has just started, we have seen an increase in the number of males taking a hybrid name.”


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Turning in the Man Card?

Jake polled his male name changing clients for GalTime on why they went against the name grain and they all told him, “The overwhelming majority told me that their wives did not understand why they had to follow the ‘age-old’ tradition of changing their name to the name of their groom, and asked their groom to change his name.”

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Mark says when he told people about his untraditional name change a majority of the responses were actually negative. “As for the man card issue, I get it. I guess that in many ways I have turned in my man card. Of course, I treat the whole man card thing as a joke in the first place. It's a satirical term that, to me, describes a physically grown man who has the mind and interests of an adolescent.”

Happily Ever After

The Tylers and the Brandeis' all report they’re still very happy with their choices. Their kids have the same last name, and all is well in nameville. Mark gushes, “I'm so proud to be a Tyler. My wife absolutely rocks and our family is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.”

Jake Brandeis sums it all up quite nicely from his informal customer poll of men who handed in their man card with class. “The grooms told me that they did this because the couple was starting a new life together, and their new name was their new identity. They saw it as a great compromise.”

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