Men Have Feelings, Too!


Advice For Couples: Men Have Feelings, Too!
If you're part of a couple, you can bet that both partners deal with hurt feelings and emotions.

6. "I don't like 'big ones' because they hurt… yours is perfect, honey." My radio co-host, Matty, came up with this one. And yes, it's shallow and a little petty, but let's be real. Most guys act confident about their junk, but statements like that can ruin a guy's self-esteem instantly.

7. "You’re boring." Come on. Seriously? I mean, even if that's kind of true, there’s got to be a better way to relay the message that you'd like to go out more often. Being told you're boring is a stab right in the heart. No guy wants his partner to think he's bland. That comment is also a kick to a guy's confidence. Now he's worried that his lady is seeking excitement somewhere outside of him. 


So hopefully this list made you want to think twice before blurting out something in anger or out of blatant insensitivity. Guys may not always tell you that you've hurt them, but they can certainly feel it — and far too often that point is forgotten simply because a man is a man.

How do you fight with your guy? Do you talk it out? Do you think he conveys his feelings... or that he even feels at all?

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, veteran media professional and author of "Your Straight Male Friend..Every Woman Should Have One," Marcus has honed his talent and keen ability to convey to women, the inner workings of the male mind via regular forays into the "friend zone." He launched his crusade to bridge the Mars/Venus communication gap as Your Straight Male Friend after realizing that women weren't getting the real story about what motivates men in the game of love, sex, dating & relationships. Now spreading the gospel, "A straight male friend...every woman should have one!"

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