Managing Standardized Test Stress


Managing Standardized Test Stress

10. Take your own advice. If you tell her not to stress or worry, it is important that you follow suit. Avoid discussing your concerns about her performance when she is in earshot or privy to your ponderings (e.g. do not comment on your concerns on a social networking site to which she has access to your postings).

In a perfect world perhaps we would all be judged for our individual strengths and talents. Unfortunately the fast paced times in which we live demand ways to quickly evaluate and assess our children’s aptitude and achievement. Although standardized testing may be a harsh reality, how your child handles the potential stress and anxiety can make all the difference. Calm and confidence are often the keys to successfully slaying the dragons we know as standardized tests. By developing and implementing a set of coping skills aimed at creating calm and keeping focused, your child will be well equipped to tackle standardized tests.



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