The Kind of Bullying We Don't Talk About


The Kind of Bullying We Don't Talk About
Bullying in schools is something that people don't really focus on. Read more about it.

We all know that complaints are really requests in disguise. The requests are to teach them how to fit in, be liked, and not excluded.
So, what is a parent to do?

1. If your child starts complaining about a certain subject, ask a little about the kids in the class. This may open the dialogue about what may really be going on.


2. If your child starts to open up, ask him/her if she'd like your input or for you to just listen.

3. Suggest that your child talk to the teacher. Teachers can and do want to help the kids if they know what is going on.

4. Remind your child that friendship patterns change very rapidly during these years.


5. If your child is skipping a clas s regularly or comlaining about going to school, ask about each class individually.

Have your tweens or teens experienced subtle forms of bullying or social isolation? How has your family handled it?

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This article was originally published at Shine. Reprinted with permission.
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