Is It EVER OK To Date a Friend's Ex?


Is It EVER OK To Date a Friend's Ex?
Is a guy 'off-limits' if he dated YOUR friend?

"The most important thing is to stay sensitive to your friend and stay empathic to her feelings. What you did may not be wrong, but you can still be a shoulder to lean on and offer your support," she says. "You can ask what she needs to feel better, and then see what you need to feel good within yourself, and then find the boundary that will work for you both."

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And what if it comes down to an ultimatum? Her or the ex?

"You can let her know that you really don't want to have to choose, that you don't think that's the best outcome. But ultimately you might have to--and your heart and gut will tell you what is right, depending on the level of your friendship and the potential of the relationship," says Dr. Oikle. "Is it okay to lose a best friend if you gain your husband? Maybe so. Is it okay to lose a good friend for 6 months of an up and down sexual relationship? Maybe not."

What do you think? Is it EVER OK to date a friend's ex? If so, under what circumstances?

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