Insider Tips for Saving on Medical Costs


Insider Tips for Saving on Medical Costs
Saving money? Yes please!

I wear both glasses and contact lenses, so I have to decide which pricey necessity gets covered (or partially covered, in most cases) by my vision insurance. According to our broker, using the funds toward glasses represents the best value because they cost significantly more. That being said, you can also save on glasses by ordering them online from sites like Warby Parker, where a pair of designer frames and lenses will run about $95.

6. Shop Around for Generics


We all know generic medications cost less, but you might be surprised to learn how their prices vary between stores. Consumer Reports recently found a shocking difference between stores offering generic versions of well-known drugs like Lipitor and Plavix. Secret shoppers discovered Costco offered the best price for these drugs overall, with a one-month supply of Lipitor costing $17 versus $150 at CVS Pharmacy.

7. Request Free Samples

Some of the high costs associated with prescription meds are attributed to all the samples pharmaceutical companies give to doctors and other medical professionals. Ask your physician about available samples to offset the cost of your prescription, or search online for free offers. You can find free diabetic meters, recipe books and supplement guides from, for example.

8. Ask First

I learned this important lesson the hard way! Asking about the cost of procedures before agreeing to them seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we assume it’s covered by insurance. I complained of sensitive teeth during a routine visit to the dentist, and the hygienist applied a drop of serum to relieve the pain. When I received my bill, I was shocked to discover the treatment cost $50!

9. Get Paid to Join a Gym

Some providers are offering reimbursement for health membership fees to encourage wellness and reduce insurance claims. According to the insurance broker, select Anthem plans will pay gym members approximately $200 every six months if they attend three times per week. If your selected plan doesn’t offer this benefit, consider these other ways to get fit for less.

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