How Working Moms Can Make Guilt-Free Choices


How Working Moms Can Make Guilt-Free Choices
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3. Accept responsibility:  Whether you like it or not, choices mean responsibility. Now you’re getting into deeper waters. When we step up and claim responsibility, we are indeed stepping up.



4. Be accountable:  When you hold yourself accountable, the message is, “This is on me.”  And that truly takes strength of character.

5. Be honest:  This is admittedly the hardest step for a lot of people. Some of us simply find it too difficult to look into the reflected image of truth, which can hurt. The tendency to develop safety mechanisms, in an attempt to protect one’s heart, can be too great. Unfortunately, not being honest with yourself in your daily choices can only delay the inevitable, as well as make matters worse. Here’s the good news: by practicing the art of honesty, telling the truth becomes easier.


It’s never too late in life to do better, be better, and become better. Take a walk to the water’s edge, and look out. For as far as the eyes can see and beyond, endless possibilities exist, and they all start with your choices. Choices are a birthright that each of us possesses without purchase; they’re absolutely free.

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