How To Break Up With A Friend


How To Break Up With A Friend
Breaking up with guys? Got it down. Tossing a toxic gal pal? Not so easy, but it can be done.

Of course, some people find it easier to break up by email, listing all the reasons they feel the friendship is not working out. But this is pretty one-sided--you get to express your feelings without opening up a real dialogue. "That's the kind of thing that shuts the iron door," Weiss warns. "So you better be sure you're truly over that friend."

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In the end, maybe you don't need to go as far as officially breaking up with a friend as you would a lover, but rather let nature take its course. "I believe you can just have distance from friends or let them fade," Weiss says. "But an out and out blacklist is only really deserving if they are sleeping with your spouse or slowly poisoning you with arsenic or something."

YOUR TURN: Have you ever broken off a friendship? How did you handle it? Even if you haven't, how do you think these situations should be handled?

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