How to Support Your Man: 4 Tips


How to Support Your Man: 4 Tips
A man keeps it real on what men really

4. Remember that he’s your partner. There’s something to the saying, “Let a man be a man.” Guys want to provide and protect. This desire is probably driven in some aspects by biology but to an even greater extent, societal and sociological influences. And those influences are intense. The pressure to be that protector/provider is great, sometimes suffocating. Assure him that your love and support for him is unconditional. Let him know that you two are a team; working together towards the same goals... and that the success of your relationship is up to both of you.

The fact is that some guys won't open up about all the stressors in their lives. It’s the man mentality. Encourage him to be open and help him realize that manhood shouldn’t be predicated upon "appearing" strong.


In addition to these tips—ask your guy today, “How can I show you how much I support you?” The fact that you even thought to ask that simple question shows him you are there for him... and that's what being a supportive partner is all about.

How do you show your man that he has YOUR support? 

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