How to Make a Quick Exit on a Bad Date


How to Make a Quick Exit on a Bad Date
FIgure out how bad your date has to be in order to find an easy way out!

For most bad dates, I think two things: get out as soon as you can, but don’t make a scene about it.  If it’s a seriously bad date tand he is clearly and probably intentionally being ugly, I think it’s fine to end it however you can.  I was at dinner with someone who I decided was mentally unstable.  I excused myself to go to the bathroom and kept walking…right out the front door.  Safety first.  (And, fortunately, he didn’t know where I lived.)

But keep in mind, some bad dates are worth it for the laughs and great stories they make.  Plus, they make all your other dates seem even better.


What are your tips for ending an awful date?'


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