How Far Would You Go To Save Your Own Life?


How Far Would You Go To Save Your Own Life?
Would you travel around the world in search of a cure?

The next day, I meet the infamous “snake-oil-scam-artist” doctor and I nearly melt into her office chair. Something feels right. I still have no idea if my doctor’s prediction will come true, that this treatment will end my life. I also have no idea if my prediction will come true—that this treatment will save my life. I simply have a knowing that I am in the right place.

The next two months become some of the most riveting, adventurous, spiritually transformative ones of my life. I mesh into a city I never gave thought to; I learn to let go of fear that I have been holding on to for far too long; I risk death in the hope for a better life; and above all else, I find out that true healing is more than the repair of the physical body.


And so it turns out, that important question “How far will you go?” stretched my limits further than ever and led me to an answer that carried me across the world. But really, I didn’t go anywhere at all. I followed my heart.

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