How to Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013


How to Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013
My resolution has nothing to do with a weight scale or bank account. Instead it's all about ME.

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8. Design Your Love Potion - Go ahead and love something yummy. Plan your signature love cocktail for 2013. Something special will happen every time you drink it, you will meet someone fabulous. (May I suggest Three Olives brand Bubble Vodka with soda and a splash of Pink lemonade?).


9. Never Say Never - This is no Debbie Downer year.  This is the year of YES. The old you maybe NEVER used to dance.  But the new you -- dances.

10. Let it Go - This year you aren’t going to be hyper focused on finding someone. You are just going to be you and do things for yourself. Take ownership of you and do everything you have ever wanted to do. In time, that right person will come to you.

11. Say "I Love You" More Often - Life is short.  This is a lesson we have learned too many times this year. Say I love you to your family, your friends and anyone that means something to you.  Say it often.

12. Find Your Signature Scent - Sniff around until you find something that works with you.  Something subtle, but noticeable. Something that not every else wears. Buy the body cream too. Wear it every time you go out. People will learn to know you by your scent.

How will you be good to you this coming year?


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