How to Diet on a Dime


How to Diet on a Dime
Eating healthy should only be tough on your waistline, not your wallet.

Buy frozen. It’s generally comparable to fresh (just check the label to be sure the produce is the only item listed), and you are much more likely to find coupons for frozen produce.

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Savings on Meat(s) & Fish:

Fish & Poultry. Look for canned tuna or salmon as possible lunch alternatives to more expensive fresh fish, which many of these diets encourage.

Red Meat. The South Beach Diet is the most forgiving around red meat so make friends with your local butcher and find out what time of day they typically mark down meat (it’s usually in the early morning or evening).

Though it will be approaching its sell by date, it’s fine to stock up and freeze it immediately. Some stores have two rounds of markdowns so ask how they typically do it and if you see meat with a sell by date of the next day, ask your butcher if it can be marked down a day early.

Extra Savings. If you’re feeling disciplined and want to stick with a certain plan for the foreseeable future, consider joining the Coupons savings club, which can save you even more on products from Weight Watchers and the South Beach Diet.

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