How To Choose Your Signature Scent


How To Choose Your Signature Scent
Choosing a scent that compliments your personality:

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3-Rule Trifecta


So what’s the magic trifecta to picking your perfect perfume? Follow these three rules to avoid fragrance failure:

1) “POP”: Consider these three components when picking a scent: personality, occasion, and place (or POP). Picking notes that match your “personality” are key (in other words, if you detest orange or lemon, steer clear of perfumes with heavy citrus notes). Also, consider the “occasion” (are you looking for a clean and simple type perfume or a come hither perfume?) Finally, the “place” (your day-to-day office perfume will likely contain very different notes than your inner-diva fragrance).

2) Give it a full test-drive before buying it: As mentioned above, the notes change after the initial application, so apply the perfume you’re considering liberally and go grab a Starbucks (or that pair of shoes you’ve been stalking) before buying the perfume. This will help ensure you nab the scent profile you’re looking for.

3) The BFF test: We’ve all done it. Bought a perfume we thought was awesome only to decide later it wasn’t so awesome after all. To avoid this, ask your best gal pals what they think. They’ll honestly tell you if it’s too strong, isn’t balanced enough, or perfectly lovely.

Now you’re ready for when Cupid takes aim this Valentine’s holiday, perfume mavens! Happy head nose-turning!

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