How To Carve Out Couple Time When You Have A Baby


How To Carve Out Couple Time When You Have A Baby
Finding time for romance after welcoming your newborn

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Time?  What time you say?  In between being a human milk maiden, poopy diaper-changer and barf-rag, your time is pretty much spoken for.  I’ve been there.  Three times.  The good news is that with each new experience, a lesson is learned.  You do have the time.  It’s just changing the way you look at it.

Grab your partner and do-si-do. Here's how to make little bits of high-quality time with your love and why it's totally worth it.


Sex Makes You Sleep Better
Seriously.  It does. For most of us, the last thing on the mind while living with a baby is usually sex.  But what if I let you in on a little secret?  You can have your cake and eat it, too!  You want to sleep and he wants sex.  By doing one first, the other comes even faster than you imagined. I swear it’s true.  Trust me. 

The next evening, when you are about to hit the sheets (it’s probably only 7:30pm) and your husband is raring to go, whisper in his ear, “Meet me in the bedroom in 3 minutes” and then sneak away to your bedroom.  Do fifteen jumping jacks to get your weary blood moving.  Slip under the sheets wearing nothing but your birthday suit.  Oh, and try to not to look too out of breath from your jumping jacks. 

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Here’s the real trick, tell your brain that the only way to get solid, deep, joyful sleep is to orgasm.  This is the only way you will get to sleep.  The faster you orgasm, the sooner your sleep. When your husband walks in, your brain knows, this is your meal ticket to eight hours of uninterrupted slumber.  I think you know what to do next.  This is guaranteed to have you fast asleep in 15 minutes or less.

I know this doesn’t sound like quality time with your partner, but trust me, it is. When you have a new baby, you are most likely overwhelmed and overworked.  This is where some relationships hit the skids.  The kids come first and marriage comes last.  The intimacy bond needs work too. By fulfilling the bedroom needs, you will  be bringing you both closer, and for the long haul.

Party Time

This is just a better word for the overused, eye-rollable term, Date Night.  It usually means dinner and a movie.  Sure, that’s fun, sometimes. Not all the time.  You might as well sit at the table and read the newspaper and not talk to each other.  So let’s think out of the box.  Turn one Date Night every month into Party Time.  Replace dinner and a movie with beer and bowling. How about the WarriorDash? How about a concert? How about cocktails and karaoke? Something different.  Get rid of the boring “date” vibe and turn it into the vibe you had on your second date together.

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